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I am Monsoon of the Winds of Destruction. Ask me questions and maybe I will answer them and not take your head with Dystopia.

Metal Gear Rising Ask/Roleplay Blog. All time frames of Monsoon's life spanning post 'death'.

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Captain-Mun: Online When Possible
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Medic-Mun: Bandaging Boo Boos

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SERIAL KILLER → sentence meme

"Help! Someone help me!"
"Leave me alone!"
"Don’t touch me!"
"Stay back! I’ll call the police!"
"What do you want with me?"
"Please, I won’t tell anyone, please…"
"What are you going to do with that?"
"You look tired, maybe you should go to sleep."
"This knife has your name on it.”
"I wonder how your screams sound…"
"This will hurt…"
"Your blood is so pretty."
"Why am i here? to kill you, of course…"
"Keep quiet, don’t scream.."

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Alternative Visor: Prototype/Casual Model

I wanted to design, for a long time now, a different type of visor for Monsoon.  This particular visor is a whole lot easier to remove than his primary, combat visor but its disadvantage is that it lacks the Lorentz Force generator to manipulate his body.  

His body is pieced together with powerful industrial grade magnets and so he has no problem walking around without his generator but he cannot manipulate his limbs or lift heavy objects without it.  

The visor above is more of a casual model.  

It was developed for him after he’d been transferred into his combat body and created while his combat visor was being constructed hide and protect his (now outdated) optical implants that he’s not very fond of.  

Another benefit is the fact that he can switch to this model to allow his face to breathe.  It does tend to get rather stuffy under his combat visor.  

He can also move through the public with a few less looks especially when he wears his coat out on the streets of Denver below.  

In any verse/time frame where he has a civilian body the casual visor above has been retired in favor of current generation optics.  


The chin guard to the head rigging can be removed for an even sleeker look.  There is an additional piece that wraps around the back of his head that holds the visor in place along with the amplifiers pressed to his ears.  

One of the other reasons I wanted to do a design of this nature is that he has very pretty hair not to have more visible.  

Monsoon: "Why do you hate yourself?"



“Why?” Adrian chuckled bitterly, lifting his brow at the Captain. “Age has not treated either of us kindly, I know that for certain. But while you’re in a strong capable body, mine is getting older, weaker.  I hate myself for being so utterly powerless, just a pitiable old man in the eyes of many“ The engineer frowned, his eyes inspecting Monsoon’s body structure. The Cambodian maybe didn’t think it that way, but he was lucky for having an artificial body.  “That said weakness drove me where I am today, made me into an outsider because I wanted justice. I just wanted something that was rightfully mine, only to squander my chances at normal life. “ Toomes shook his head, but let his expression become calmer, regarding the cyborg with gratitude now.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, of course. If it wasn’t for Rougeau, I wouldn’t be holding onto the little normality in life I still can. Both of the young women that reside in the 47th floor have my gratitude. I guess it goes to show there is still some good will left in this world.”

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J-walking, torrenting illegal downloads, collecting rainwater (yes, this is illegal in Colorado), loitering, and public indecency


Jaywalking: Committed

Torrenting Illegal Downloads: Witnessed

Collecting Rainwater: N/A

Loitering: Committed

Public Indecency: Committed

"On a small note, its not so much illegal to collect rainwater as it is that you have to have to have a permit to do it.  Even if I did have time to collect it, its not as though I’d need a permit anyway considering who I work for."

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"I missed you."


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Threw some replies in the queue.  One a day will be spat out per blog.  Been beyond time to do that.  This way neither I nor other people will be overwhelmed.  All but 2 of my 8 or so out have been replied to between the blogs I currently have roleplays going on.  

I’ve said it before but if you’d like a starter or would like to plot something let me know.  Inbox is always open guys.  Just expect, as always, for me to reply when I get time/motivation.

I’ve a few question in the box that I need to tend to eventually too.  

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¥ "I command that the tall mister gives me a biggybag ride" The little artist gave a few excited bounces next to the captain. It was hard not to smile a little kid at the moment.


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"Past, Present and Future—the slaughter will continue."
"Past, Present and Future—the slaughter will continue."